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I am currently beginning a two year assignment under Mennonite Mission Network in Ecuador.

One of my responsibilities is to coordinate a program of theological education called Propaz, as well as serve as one of the teachers. This program offers leaders and potential leaders training in topics of Bible and theology with attention to an Anabaptist perspective on peace and nonviolence, as well as other topics essential for ministry and shalom-building. The program has two levels, one congregational and one at a university level.

My second major role includes pastoral responsibilities in the recently-created house church meeting in Calderon to the north of Quito. It has created space for Colombian refugees finding a new life in Ecuador to live and worship. The church has assisted a number of refugees with housing as they transition. Tatiana has been leading the Calderon group and together with Wendy, an MCCer from Colombia, we will provide leadership to the church.  Finally, I may find additional work with the Quito Mennonite church, which has many ministries requiring ongoing support from church members. A principle ministry has been integrating Colombian refugees fleeing the the armed conflict of Colombia into a new community in Ecuador. 

I am exited about this opportunity to learn from how the church in Ecuador is trying to live out the gospel. I previously lived in Honduras from 2006 to 2009 so this is a second major period in Latin America and in part will feel like coming home. Now that I have finished my three years at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, I feel this assignment is a good fit and will provide rich experience and learning from new relationships. I feel substantial support from many people, including my home congregation of West Union back in Iowa.

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