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I called this section "reflections" for lack of a better term. Later on it will be filled with a variety of different topical entries.

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El MuditoMay, 2007

He is deaf, and the only way to communicate with him is through gestures and signs. He sometimes makes noises or babbles. They call him “el mudito”--“the little mute.” I estimate that he is about 14 or 15 years old, and he is strong. He recognizes written words, but I never observed that he could really read. He is by far the most intelligent of any kid I’ve seen in the computer lab at using the computers. Not having one of his senses perhaps heightens other abilities.

Josué was able to find games that I removed from the Start menu, by looking through the folders of the hard disk for them. He knew how to customize Windows (thank goodness the changes are gone when the computers reboot). He can figure out what words represent and type something in the search engine (usually something he’s seen on television). Sometimes he needed me to help him write it correctly. He used to present a behavioral problem. Later on he behaved much better.

He knows some form of sign language but I’m not sure which it is. I basically learned just the signs for “you need to pay to do that,” “time’s up,” and “tomorrow/another day.” Now he hardly comes in at all, but he still lives on my street. He shakes my hand eagerly, and often gives a hug, though he was always the most affectionate when begging to be let in or given free time on the Internet.

I understand that at one time he attended a school for the deaf, but now he is no longer receiving any schooling. It is apparent that his family has difficulty managing him. They tell me that since he is physically stronger than his mother, he no longer obeys her. He has been on the street on his own and has mixed with the wrong people there.

I wonder what his future holds.

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