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I called this section "reflections" for lack of a better term. Later on it will be filled with a variety of different topical entries.

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Up to this point I haven't given a lot of information about the Honduran family I live with. They have opened up their home and their hearts to me for which I am grateful. Manuel de Jesús is the father of the family and works as a self-contracting builder, working on a variety of construction projects for whoever will hire him. However, when he worked on his own house, the "client" (the wife) didn't pay him anything. Consuelo, the mother, is very involved at home and at church, and looks out for the future of her children. She already had her three children by the age of 24. She is probably the spokesperson of the family, and enjoys trying to convince any non-evangelical visitors or relatives to accept Christ. Queylin, 17 years old, is the oldest daughter and is in her last year of high school, studying commerce. She is followed by Cristhian, 15 years old, who just returned to junior high school, but has also been studying mechanics to qualify to work as a mechanic of sewing machines in maquila factories. Bessi, the youngest, is 12 years old, and has started junior high school.

The family has an interesting history. Jesús and Consuelo grew up in rural Comayagua. Consuelo never knew her father as he was murdered when she was really young, and that side of the family did not claim her as a relative. She had many siblings and a step-father who at that time had a drinking problem. Her mother could not afford to keep her in school. Jesús became her boyfriend, and when she was something like 15 years old, Jesús took off with her against the will of her family, a practice common in rural Honduras. He worked as a builder in San Pedro area and was able to build a house, which has since been enlarged. They became Christians along with many of their neighbors, and began attending church. She tells of a time in her life when she was dramatically healed from sickness by God. Jesús worked a year to increase the size of the church building, and during that time they had to depend on the provision of the church to survive.

Like many Hondurans, the family also had the experience of losing all the contents of their house during Hurricane Mitch. Consuelo and Jesús left in chest-deep water that eventually covered the houses and returned to find the house filled with mud. More recently they enlarged the house. They also have a pulpería (small general store), something Consuelo had prayed for until different people at the same time happened to give them a refrigerator, freezer, and materials to get it started. It has also been prophesied that they will be someday blessed with a vehicle.

There are times when Jesús has few contracts or when his clients don´t pay him, and he feels like trying his luck in the United States. But Consuelo always tries to dissuade him, "If God wants to bless us, he can do it in Honduras."

Updated June 22, 2008