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Caleb Yoder

Life in Honduras

##This was the website I maintained when I lived in Honduras 2006-2009. It is basically intact, but the photo album is not working##

This website is meant as a way to communicate what I experience while living in Honduras. Below you can follow links to entries, and to the left to photo galleries. Be sure to also check out the section called reflections.

-Caleb Yoder


Most recent entry...

I've been two weeks in Iowa now, on the job search and not doing as much reflecting as I would like. But I will make a list of things I will miss in Honduras.

  • Mangos (though I recently had decent ones, from Wal-mart of all places) and other fruit
  • Baleadas (I'll try my hand at making them)
  • Tropical landscape
  • Speaking Spanish (a lot)
  • Honduran time
  • Simplicity in conversation and lifestyles (as opposed to complexity in the States)
  • Knowing your neighbors, and seeing them out in the street
  • Accessible public transportation
  • The closeness of the community-- you can make visits walking
  • The refreshing feeling of drying off with a fan after sweating or bathing (notice I don't say the heat)
  • Many friends

Timeline of important events:

  • (7/08) Dengue fever
  • (8/08) Staff infection (forcing me to have to go to the States for treatment)
  • (10/08) Neighborhood is saturated with rain water and almost flooded by the river-- the computer lab is evacuated for about a month
  • (12/08-1/09) Home again for Christmas and in Nicaragua for regional retreat
  • (3/09) Murder of two young neighbors on the street, while I was giving class (hundreds made it to the burials)
  • (5/28/09) Earthquake 7.6 on the Richter scale-- swayed buildings but no local damage
  • (6/28/09) Coup to oust former president Zelaya
  • (8/09) Visit of family members-- awesome vacation
  • (8/09) Sick 10 days with Typhoid fever-- right before leaving
Updated September 18, 2009